How To Love Your Travelling Companions – Top Tips For A Great Holiday Part 1

Apparently divorce rates are highest in January and September, so perhaps the only thing more dangerous to the status quo of a relationship than Christmas is a summer holiday. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – travelling together can be an incredible test of a relationship, it can bring you closer together or of course, it can mean losing a friend, lover or even a family member. Some would argue that if that’s the case, “they weren’t that good a friend to begin with”. Maybe they’re right, but for me I think the problem is that we can expect too much. The vision of the perfect holiday is the same as the vision of the perfect Christmas; great food, lots of fun together, relaxing, laughing, and of course the perfect gifts. And how many of us have actually experienced that? And I think we all know that it’s not through lack of effort – it’s just that we all have a slightly different vision of the perfect holiday.

Over the last few years I’ve travelled with my lover, my sister, several good friends, by myself, with a large group who I didn’t know at all beforehand but who shared a common interest in surfing, with my mother and brother and with my whole family several times – and each of those trips has had amazing moments and also moments when I’ve thought “was this really a good idea?”

There are times travelling with a lover when I’ve felt more alone than if I had been by myself. I’ve felt safer walking around Marrakech by myself than I did with two other girls. I’ve had moments of being able to open up spiritually and have a good cry on a deserted beach, when down the other end of it thirty people would share lunch with me. And I believe that each of those trips has taught me so much, not just about other people, but about myself.

If we were all emotionally and spiritually well developed we could “not sweat the small stuff” but on holiday, for some the high point of the year, not only are our expectations naturally higher, but we also have to deal with being outside our comfort zone, and sometimes the challenges of having our basic needs met can raise stress levels – whether it’s getting some sleep, something to eat, or finding somewhere to go to the toilet. All things that can make us lose our cool.

And I’ve been a nightmare. I’ve had a go at my boyfriend because he didn’t thank me for paying for our coffees in a café in New York, before realising later that day that he did a hundred things without me thanking him. I’ve taken over a relaxed backpacking holiday and insisted we stay in a 4 star hotel – giving my friend the choice of which of two nearly identical hotels we stayed in. I’ve burst into tears in a B&B in York because the bed was so uncomfortable, changed rooms three times and refused to take my clothes off – on what was meant to be a romantic break. I’ve got up at 5 or 6am to go off for a walk by myself while a friend was still sleeping and then complained how tired I was later (this is quite common.) I’ve sulked behind a book like a teenager when my mum was trying chat with me – in my late 20s. I’ve snarled at girls in a group in Morocco because I thought they had used the last of the hot water, and fought with a girl over a Twix when both our blood sugars were low (we apologised later.) Oh yes, the blood sugar thing; I’ve stropped in Barcelona airport because everything was white bread sandwiches and I wasn’t going to eat that crap, I’ve stubbornly insisted that my boyfriend order breakfast in Paris (even though I speak French) before giving in and sulking for the entire meal, texted my sister that I was about to eat him when I had to wait half an hour for a pasty in the Peak District, and been a little bit afraid that a friend of mine was going to eat me when we couldn’t find anything to eat in the tiny city of St David’s in Wales. So yes, for me the very first, most important step to loving my fellow travellers on holiday is to take snacks. After the almost eating of my boyfriend in the Peak District we went straight to the supermarket and stocked up on Babybels, and packets of peanuts – and after Barcelona I now carry trekking bars wherever I go, yes I have a Nak’d snack bar in my handbag at all times. My niece is exactly the same – whenever she starts being fractious and refusing to get dressed I take her to the kitchen and stuff a bit of cheese in her mouth – 3 seconds later and she is sweetness again.

But it’s not all about the snacks. I’ve also argued about money, about which restaurant to eat in, about having to wait around for other people to get ready, and a million other little things.

Take travelling with my mum – she stresses about things, so to compensate I over-relax. When I would normally be cautious I am all super cool to the point that I have lost her boarding pass, spilled coffee all over myself as we run to get a car on a ferry – yup, and then I am annoyed at both myself and her. It’s not her fault, but I am sure she wonders how I manage to do all these big trips when I seem to be so hopeless around her. It is very hard to “just be yourself” on holiday sometimes, either because we are trying to be like the people we are with, or because we back up, regressing into teenagers or, like me, the bossy big sister I once was – or just the opposite of whatever our travelling companions are. We think they are drinking too much, we become abstemious, we think they are being too loud, we get quieter, we think they are being boring, we decide to do something dangerous instead of just relaxing and letting them beFree Web Content, and letting ourselves be. So a great tip for a great holiday… just be yourself.

Travelling to Kuala Lumpur

There are many people that are going to be travelling this year and when travelling to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a must see destination. This once remote tin-mining city has grown into a sprawling metropolis with a population of over 6 million people in just over a century and a half. This magnificent city offers a bustling nightlife, delicious regional cuisine and some of the most affordable 5 star hotels in the world.

The traditional core of the city, or City Centre, hosts the former colonial administrative centre, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and area locals now refer to as “Chinatown”. Just to the north-east of the city centre is an area known as “The Golden Triangle”. This area of the city is where travellers can find the city’s shopping malls. This area is also home to some fantastic 5-star hotels and the Petronas Twin Towers. To the south of the city centre is where you can find the Brickfields, which is known as “Little India”. This is also where the main railway station is.

A little further south and you can find an area known as Bangsar. This area is known for its popular clubbing spots and is home to the “Megamall”, which is one of the region’s most popular shopping hot spots. To the East of the city is Ampang. This area is referred to as “Little Korea” and is home to most of the foreign embassies in the region. To the West is a mostly suburban area, by some interesting places to eat and visit can be found with a little exploration.

Travelling to this part of Malaysia is easy and all international and domestic airlines come into the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). The airport is located in Selangor, in the Sepang district. It is a modern facility that hosts a Low Cost Carrier Terminal that is across the runwayFree Articles, but is an extra 20 kilometres from the city. Cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur are very easy to find and contacting a travel agency or finding a service online can make this task simpler.

This bustling city offers all of the travellers a wide range of amazing interests and activities. From shopping to 5-star hotels this city has it all. Whether you want to sample the fine food or just get cheap flights Kuala Lumpur is a great destination. Any traveller would have the time of their life.

Travelling Smart and You Really Get Holiday in Your Pocket

I recently read a blog claiming ‘Get Holiday in Your Pocket’. It was interesting to read but I felt disappointed by its fumbling attempt to prove that vacation is an affordable affair. You too would ridicule, if you’ve ever emptied your pocket on a vacation. Sitting slug after office lunch, I raised this topic among my peers, and one of them gave me a dose of ‘you could end up a holiday saving a large wad of cash’, which was interesting to listen and even digestible.

He talked about ‘Smart Travelling’ and gave the ideas for enjoying a holiday without burning a big hole in pocket. It bugged out an idea of looking the world in different way. He emphasized on re-thinking of your plans; considering mad airport taxes, zooming transportation cost and costly hotel services which making travel expensive. I was puzzled for a while. What is the meaning of thinking about all this in course of turning your travel cost-effective? A person would probably go anyway but to travel once he thinks of these expenses. It’s more ridiculous. Bu he moved ahead, and that was the right path to get desired result. “Travel the world in a different way,” he said. “Do different things, have different experiences few others have had and learn a bit more interesting than the usual holiday,” he suggested further.

Goa, for instance, is a place that demands you to throw away money for enjoyment. However, it’s so enjoyable and fascinating that spending money seems a worthwhile affair. But if you apply that ‘Smart Travelling’ tactic during Goa tour, you could be able to enjoy it without breaking the bank. Opt for a camp site stay instead of highly expensive suites in a beach resort. It would cost you a lot less comparatively, and gives you amazing outdoor experience either. Conduct a thorough research and make a list of such interesting things to do, whose charm doesn’t dependent upon your money spending power: soaking up the scenery at beaches, visiting the museums & churches and enjoying cultural programs are a few for example.

When it comes to wander around, you better use public transportation. In case you want hassle-free and private ride, get ready to use your smartness and bargain skill. Research online and get fare idea about charges of hiring a bike, taxi or whatever you need in Goa. Then deal with a newly established travel agency and bargain to the best possible rates. Ask him for the price which is fairly lower to the one that you find the lowest through your searching. You don’t bargain for impractical rates, as he would immediately say you ‘good bye’ acknowledging you either rookie or trickery.

However, travelling smart is not only about using these tricks but also choosing a destination smartly. You can go to somewhere less popular beach destination like Alibag instead of expensive Goa. You could end up with saving a considerable amount of money as well as a completely different experience. Today, a number of travel companies also offer budget-friendly holiday packages, flight deals and accommodations online.

Now I have understood this new way to look the world. Hope you too!

What is a Travelling Nurse?

One way a traveling nurse is in demand is for cruise ships. As a matter of fact, no ship is allowed to leave a port without having a doctor or at least a nurse on board. If you have always wanted to travel and see the world from a cruise ship, then becoming a travelling nurse for a cruise line just might be what you should look into. You will get to relax and still be able to help those in need when it comes to it.

You will have to have some pretty extensive training in the nursing field to work for a cruise line, though. In fact, you will need to have practical and clinical training for triage in an emergency room as you never know what kind of issues you are going to have to be in the middle of. This type of training will help in disaster relief as well.

Triage units and mobile hospitals are always in great demand when natural disasters happen, which seems to be frequently these daysFeature Articles, and being a travelling nurse will allow you to give help to the people that are in the most need. It’s a tough job and you will have to work long hours in these types of situations.

If you choose to become a travelling nurse you are going to be taking on an amount of responsibility that few others can handle. The amount of training you have will determine how well you perform in tough situations. So make sure that the training you are going to get will be able to stand up against the situations that you may find yourself in and you will surely succeed.

Backpack and bags are a must for travelling purpose

Buying bag is an interesting and an exciting experience. You will easily find small and big bags in the market and buy the one as per your own needs. The colors which are available in the bag are basically black, red, brown, grey etc. American tourister bags are very famous and many people use this bag for travel purpose. It is very stylish and modern bag that has it’s own charm and grace. Both men and women can use it for travel purpose.

The other option is the backpack where you can put small things and is basically used when you are travelling alone for few days. You can put small things in it like your mobile charger, napkins, wipes, two pair of clothes, creamsFeature Articles, eatables etc. In some backpack on both sides there is a facility where you can put water bottle. You can drink the water when thirsty. If you wish you can even put juice in it and enjoy travelling.

Backpack price in india range from the lowest to the highest. If you prefer to buy big backpack the price will be more and if you wish to buy small backpack the price will be less. It is comfortable if you are going for tracking or on a holiday with friends. You can gift it to your friend on his or her birthday. You can buy it either from shop or from website. If you are purchasing it through website it is always better to first look at all the possible pictures of that particular backpack.

Watches are important for every man as well as woman. Fastrack watches prices in india are quite reasonable and if you are earning reasonably well you can easily afford to buy it. You can buy fastrack watch from the website and experience the joy of shopping fastrack watch the online way. Compare the rate of this watch before buying it so that at the end of the day you are satisfied with your purchase.

The price is always seen sometimes below and sometimes to the right side of the watch. Also zoom the image so that you get to see the watch in enlarged form. There are numerous models in this watch and you can select any model which you think is quite reasonable and good look wise. Do not compromise on quality and buy the fastrack watch to add spark to your personality.
It will surely set you apart from others and you will cherish wearing it.